Friday, 27 January 2012

How eLearning Can Benefit Healthcare Workers

These days, theres a shift within the medical field thats changing the way doctors manage their patients. From electronic health records to remote monitoring devices, technology is helping physicians streamline the patient management process while offering better service at the same time. Its a win-win scenario for all involvedexcept for healthcare employees, that is. While learning to utilize healthcare technology is something that will ultimately make employees more valuablenot to mention lessen the burden of patient demands on a perpetual basisfor the most part, workers within the medical field tend to regard the training process as nothing but time-consuming, disruptive, and stressful. In fact, it is this negative attitude that causes so many healthcare technology implementation attempts to fail. After all, tools such as remote monitoring devices and EHRs are only as good as the ability of employees to use them properly. And since many healthcare workers are wired to approach the training process with nothing but apprehension and disdain, employers need to find a way to make the idea of introducing technology seem more appealing.
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Fortunately, when it comes to employee training, eLearning can help on all fronts. Though perhaps not the most conventional method of training within the medical field, eLearning offers several advantages over the traditional classroom setting. For starters, eLearning offers healthcare technology training in a manner that is far less disruptive than most typical programs. Rather than have no choice but to take time out of their busy schedules, those who undergo training via online or computer-based learning management systems can simply log on at their convenience and access their coursework whenever they have the time. What this also means is that those who utilize eLearning can continue to spend their days doing what they do best: taking care of patients. For many, this is of the utmost importance, as the one thing healthcare workers dont tend to take lightly is the notion of proper patient care. Another benefit of eLearning is the fact that it allows healthcare employees to undergo training at their own pace. Jobs within the medical field tend to be rather demanding, but with eLearning, employees can integrate training into their lifestyles in a manner that works for them. In fact, eLearning provides for a better work-life balance, as it allows users to pause content without penalty when various duties call; a classroom training environment simply cannot offer the same flexibilities. Finally, eLearning, due to its convenient nature, is bound to promote better learning by virtue of the fact that healthcare employees are more likely to embrace it. When it comes to understanding new tools and technologies, its imperative to approach the process with an open mind. With eLearning, employees are more likely to find themselves motivated to undergo training, as they wont begin the process feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. The success of healthcare technology implementation is rooted in the ability of employees to utilize their new tools properly and efficiently. By offering employees the option of eLearning, providers can do their part to make the training process as smooth and effective for all involved.

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