Sunday, 29 January 2012

Is Phentermine Safe for a Pregnant Lady?

Obesity is dangerous for a pregnant lady as it may lead to diabetes. In case of pregnant woman, Phentermine diet pills don’t cause any side effects if it is taken as per the prescription and instructions of a doctor. But, if you consume Phentermine Adipex in a large quantity, there are chances of abnormal development of foetus. So, for a safe and healthy weight loss and motherhood, it is good to follow the guidelines under the strict supervision of a doctor. It is advised to avoid Phentermine if you’re pregnant or planning to get pregnant because it may cause gestational diabetes. Apart from this, the prescription diet pills oftentimes also cause withdrawal symptoms in the body of a pregnant lady. If you don’t want to face any negative results or consequences, better to stop taking phentermine diet pills before initiation of pregnancy phase.
Weight Loss
Even if you’re a breast-feeding mother, phentermine adipex is not for you. Phentermine belongs to the family of sympathomimetic amine and the chemical composition is identical to Adipex. Whether you’re a pregnant woman or a figure freak, you should not take phentermine diet pills for a long time or in large quantities because it may lead to addiction. If after proper check-up, if your doctor allows you to take the weight loss supplement during your pregnancy period, you should reduce the dose over the period of time to avoid the withdrawal symptoms. Before starting Phentermine, read the instructions and quantity of the diet pill given on the bottle or leaflet. Never try to follow self-medication activities because it may result in abnormalities. Apart from the aforesaid abnormalities, there are some more side effects you can face during the pregnancy period such as- 1) Allergic reaction 2) Problem in breathing 3) Throat chocking 4) Swelling over face 5) Abnormal delivery or baby 6) Abnormal heartbeats or high blood pressure 7) Dizziness 8) Headache 9) Risk of impotency You may also face minor side effects such as soar throat, confusion, anxiety, insomnia and the abnormal taste. Basically, Phentermine is a prescription diet pill which is used to suppress the appetite and reduce the obesity. In pregnancy case, sometimes it stimulates the nervous system too. Normally, such diet pills are not given to pregnant woman because it may lead to underweight babies or cause natural defect in the spinal. Normally, such diet pills are not given to a pregnant woman because it may lead to underweight babies or cause a natural defect in the spinal. The ultrasound rays are also not good for baby’s health. In such case, you should stop phentermine adipex immediately.

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