Sunday, 29 January 2012

When it comes to Health Insurance, Dont Sweat the Small

When it comes to Health Insurance, Dont Sweat the Small Stuff As someone who has been doing this for many years now, I completely understand the concerns people have when choosing a health insurance plan. You want good coverage at a price you can afford. It makes perfect sense. What so many of my clients seem to overlook is that health insurance is intended to serve as protection against major, catastrophic and potentially life-changing events. Heart attacks. Cancer. Stroke. Extended hospital visits. Child birth; these are all examples of why any of us purchase health insurance in the first place. More and more these days, consumers tend to shop for new health insurance plans armed with misinformation and intentions that simply are not practical. A perfect example of this would be the otherwise healthy twenty- or thirty-something who chooses coverage based around the two or three doctors office visits they assume theyll take each year. As a result, they choose their plan based on the lowest copay, and end up paying more over the course of the year. How much sense does it make to spend a couple hundred dollars each month on a plan, just to save $150 on three routine check-ups or prescription refills? It doesnt, and this illustrates an important point. Choosing the right health insurance policy requires a mix of common sense, practicality and forethought. Remember, youre not buying health insurance to knock down the cost of your doctors visit from $70 to $20 - youre buying it to keep from going bankrupt when you step awkwardly and rip your knee apart, when your appendix bursts, or when a blood vessel in your brain decides to rupture for absolutely no apparent reason. This is why we buy health insurance; to ensure protection and peace of mind against major health issues and expensive unforeseen illnesses. Unfortunately, most employer-provided policies are tailored in a way which only provides low copay options, such as the example we discussed. This is one of the most undeniable advantages of working with an independent health insurance agent.
Health Insurance
The average consumer--especially one who has always had health insurance through their employer--really has no idea just how many options there are. Why would they? The fact is, these options are there to offer you more flexibility when it comes to your co-pay, your out-of-pocket deductible and your monthly premium. If youre in the Chicago area and would like to learn more about which options are available to you, visit There, you can get a free quote in just a few minutes from providers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana One, Aetna, United Health Care and others. You just might be surprised how vast the choices are, once you know how and where to look. About Author: Joe Vukovich is the President and CEO of Premier Financial Insurance, in Lisle, IL. He can be contacted directly at

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