Monday, 30 January 2012

What Are The Unique Healthcare Benefits For The Nurses?

"We do it with care" this is the all too familiar slogan we always see on t-shirt prints, stickers and pens of nurses. And we should appreciate and recognize the care they give to the community. And the best thing we can repay these nurses is by showing them that we also care for them as much as they do to us. The nurses are not robots who mainly provide care for the sick people in and out of the hospital, hospice care facilities and even to the point of giving comfort to the injured.While its certainly not the family oriented atmosphere of yesteryear many hospitals will include approximately $200 worth of free lab work which you can have done annually. These tests can include urine analysis, complete blood count and a comprehensive chemical panel. Some will even give you free chest ex-rays and EKG tracings. Having the tests interpreted by a rn bsn online doctor is usually not included.But despite the heavy responsibilities of being a nurse, why is it that there are still many people who want to be a nurse? One of the many reasons why many people are switching careers to being a nurse is because of the fact that the pay is big time and the benefits are endless. If you are one of the many people who want to help take care of the sick and be well taken care of by the company you worked for, you should consider being a nurse since many of these nurses are receiving big amount of money as a compensation as well as big time health benefits. It is true that being a nurse means giving more of your time, patience and your heart to your patients on the other hand you get more perks and health benefits than any other career in the country.Few things are certain for nursing regarding the new healthcare laws, one thing not so clear however will be how hospitals and others such as registries will deal with changes in how they provide healthcare benefits to rn bsn and other staff.Much as many hate to consider them so, hospitals are businesses, either run for profit or not for profit, either way the landscape has changed. Several large Fortune 500 companies already have announced charges to their bottom line due to changes in accounting rules, and more are sure to follow.Retired persons with certain benefits that now can be had seem to be at risk of having that coverage taken away via employers, but there are bound to be more changes.

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