Thursday, 26 January 2012

Marketing for the Health Care Industry

Providing excellent customer service in the realm of health care relies heavily on providing thepatients and physicianswith informationthey can understand and use. In recent years online marketing for health care providers, pharmaceuticalcompanies and medical device companies has become increasingly important as more and more physicians and consumers look to the internet for research purposes. In 2008,84% of U.S. physicians used the Internet for pharmaceutical, biotech or medical device information and 73% of patients searched for medical information online before or after doctors visits. Creating internet content that is easy to find, easy touse, and has lots of beneficial information is essential to reaching the public. While internet marketing may be the newest addition to the health care industry arsenal, traditionalmarketing has not lost its place. Creating informative and eye-catchingsolutions that engage the consumer are still important in this digital age. Creative, informative advertising can pique interest in a product or service you company offers giving the patient more information about the options you offer. Physicians will be more informed and will pass this information on to their patients and colleges. Showcasing your brand through traditional marketing will create a recognizable presence with consumers, making it easier for the consumer to find your information since you are at the forefront of their minds. The reasons for creating successfulmarketing solutions in the fieldof healthcare are tremendous. The growing number of baby boomers who will need healthcare in the upcoming years, the shortage of qualified nurses and staff,the flood of healthcare products and services to the market and the growing number of regulations make the job of marketing health care difficult. However creating a plan that will inform and engage physicians and patients can separate your business from the flood of other companies. Take a look at how a few companies are using marketing strategiesto inform their customers:
Pain Patient
Sarasota Memorial Hospital uses Twitter to answer patient questions and provide immediate customers service. Bostons Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centers CEO is using hisblog to talk about on potential health insurance legislation. Doctors without Boarders use television and celebrity endorsements to help spread the word about their mission. 360 creative provides marketing services to health care industries including non-profit organizations. Services include marketing research, web design and development, public relations, event coordination and more. read more at our blog

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